About Us

Nano Protect+

Nano Protect+ is a Hong Kong company specialized in nanotechnology, and protection medical use. This company operating by a French management have acquire a solid knowledge and expertise of manufacturing practice in China, accounting for large volume of export business for over 30 years of consumer goods.

Experienced Collaborators

Nano Protect+ team are Hong Kong and Chinese experienced collaborators which are dedicated and involved in the product development, production planning, control quality, delivery on time to any multimodal shipment. Since march 2020 we have concentrate our forces and effort, to contribute to the global challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering donation and procurement services toward the strong demand for medical supplies.

Large Production with Quality

We had deliver millions pieces to respond to the increased demand of protection medical devices by running 24/24 production with strict quality assurance, quality control, and shipment on schedule. All our product categories are in conformity with EU examination, FDA regulation including test report issued by CNAS / CMA accredited laboratories. EC conformity and Notify Body Certification issued by NANDO listed organisation are into our documentation.Our full set of document is provided for each import shipment clearance and to avoid any discrepancies and delay of final delivery.